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Sun square Jupiter. Uranus square Pluto.

The ASPECTS of Astrology: Conjunct, Opposition, Trine, Square, Quincunx, Sextile, Semi-Sextile

More about the modes. Disassociate square A disassociate square is found when the planets are in different modes.

Aspect Patterns

Square aspect meaning Internal dilemmas Two planets in a square aspect face internal dilemmas. Difficult conflict It can be difficult to work with the energies for the individual. Active The individual continuously attempts to address the issues but sometimes it is hard to define the actual conflict.

Resistance The square offers resistance between the two and tension is present. There's no square or cross in her chart. Yet hers is the more tragic biography: born to an unwed mother who had mental illness issues, growing up in foster homes, married off at 16, used and stereotyped by the studio system, cheated on by her famous-playwright third husband, and, as a fading beauty, succumbing to a drug overdose. She said, "A wise girl kisses but doesn't love, listens but doesn't believe, and leaves before she is left.

It seems hard to believe, but this beautiful and famous woman dwelt mostly on her rejections and losses. What you do see in Monroe's chart instead of a "Grand Square" is the flattened red triangle which is a "leftover" from the Grand Square. This non-equilateral triangle in a chart is called a "T-Square.

Just from its shape it's clear that the T-Square aspect is a much less stable structure than a four-pointed cross or square. Davis led an irregular life, but much of his behavior was willful. Monroe, born only six days later, struggled to develop her art and her business skills and finally let her life fall into chaos. Unlike Miles Davis she didn't have the strong structure of the Grand Square or Grand Cross to keep her focused and hold her upright through the storms of life.

Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters. To comment on this article, you must sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account. Denise Hofft, count only planets in a Grand Cross. Vertex, Lilith and nodes are not planets but "points of interest," a few among several dozen possible "points of interest" in a chart such as the Fortuna, East Point, asteroids, Royal Stars, and more.

These points of interest do not have the same power and impact as planets do. Hi, Thank you for this article. This is an amazing read!. What does it mean?. Kouoko, I would not count asteroids as one of the corners of a Grand Square. Accept a 5-degree orb for the Grand Square on 3 corners, and if the last corner happens to be a little bigger, 6 or 7 degrees, it counts. Of course the more exact the square, the more powerful it is.

I like the post about grand square and that of Tsquare. I'd like to know how much obs to be allowed between plates so as to be a grand square. And should astroids be counted as one or members of the corners?

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If you would like a chart reading, contact me via my email address, not the comment section. There is a fee. Is there anything you can tell me about my chart. I indeed have this grand cross. At 16, my father's business partner and son were indicted on federal charges for embezzlement. My father was the Director Of Operations and owned 4 car lots.

After that happened, I was arrested for something that had nothing to do with me and was later cleared of any wrongdoing. In my best friend was murdered. Needless to say after my father's business collapse him and my mother separated due to infidelity issues. Thank you very much for any insight. My e-mail address is ekajtrawets gmail. When I was 27 I had just started doing my chart online after years of doing it by hand.

I came across a website that said "In your mid 30's you will have an accident pertaining to your blood. Problems finding the cause. If you survive you will live a long life. I pushed it as far as I could to the back of my head and kept living. At 35 yrs old I was struck in the face with a phone. My nose was broken so I broke it back into place myself and crazy glued the skin that was hanging off my face. Went to the hospital where they took X-rays and said they didnt know if I should be certified or certifiable lol but I did a great job and sent me home. The next day I threw up blood and something let loose and blood was squirting out of my face squirting a sign of an artery right?

Was one pint of blood away from death. They gave me two blood transfusions and 2 days later still no one knew the artery was severed. Until the coagulated blood released and the blood was spewing from my face at an alarming rate. Rushed into surgery then put in a medically induced coma for 2 weeks so that I wouldnt blow the staples out of my nose.

PS I woke up right after they closed my face on the OR table and pulled the tubes out of my mouth. So it was all true. How do you explain that? And didnt Nostradamus predict his death and the deaths of several of the queens children? There are lots of accounts of ancient times where death was predicted. She has a grand water trine involving all malefic planets Pluto, Saturn, Mars.

Planetary Aspects in Astrology: Square | Astrostyle

In life and experience, as you are called upon to deal with qualities in yourself which pertain to the principle of Mars, you have to adjust your viewpoint to events, people, environments, and subjective conditions. If your home is the nuclear center of your life-environment, remember that as you look out of each window of your house you perceive a different aspect of your exterior environment; in other words, you see your exterior environment from a slightly different viewpoint as you look through each of the various windows.

So it is with your chart; each planetary relationship represents a quality of viewpoint, centered in your consciousness, by which you tend to regard and interpret the principles of life. To regenerate your viewpoint so that you can appreciate and interpret your experience more truthfully would correspond to the action of thoroughly washing the windows of your house so that you call see your exterior environment without impediment or obstruction.

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By a comprehension of the meanings of your planetary aspects you can intelligently use your timings for alchemical exercise and regenerative endeavors. There are periodic timings throughout your life when each planetary aspect is emphasized by the various types of stimulus and ignition in order that you may have the opportunities to "wash the windows of your soul.

The semi-sextile aspect is exactly what the term implies: half a sextile. Its symbol is the horizontal and the two upper diagonals of the sextile aspect, like a "V" standing on a horizontal line. Because everything in life starts from a process of germination, all aspect- patterns start from the vibratory fusion we call the conjunction; from this vibratory unification or " joining of forces," the planets register the various aspect-patterns from life to life in accordance with the way you use your consciousness and mind.

The semi-sextile is the promise of the sextile, which in turn is the mechanism for the generation of the trine: it is like the delicate green leaf which is externalized on the tree-branch at spring-time, the promise of blossom and fruit to come. The registration of a semi-sextile in your chart is the indication that you have already started, in the past a regenerative program concerning your consciousness of the planetary principles involved. Know that it is up to you to handle that "delicate green leaf" with care, to cultivate its qualities with thoughtfulness and patience, to make yourself constantly more and more aware of its evidences in your life.

Give meditative spiritual consideration to the principles represented by the planets concerned and the signs they rule; having already made the regenerative start, you will naturally want to persevere in apprehending the spiritual values indicated as potential by this aspect.

Remember that the semi-sextile, in comparison with the other aspects, is like a young child in relation to older boys and girls, adolescents, young men and women, parents, and elders.

It is " impressionable" just as a child is, it can be easily marred if it is not tended and cared for with understanding and consideration. With spiritual diligence and unwavering patience, it is possible that in the course of one life-time the person who "tends his semi-sextile" can unfold a degree of spiritual understanding or awareness that would correspond to a sextile aspect between the two planets. In other words, his next-life horoscope would register the sextile aspect. This is comparable to seeing the first evidence of the blossom during the course of a day-the unmistakable evidence that the blossom has appeared when this morning there was only the leaf.

You first become aware of your divine self in a new phase of evolution through your semi-sextile--the childhood of your "Christ Within" being externalized through your consciousness. We owe to our semi-sextiles the same kind of consideration that we tend to give to anything that is young, delicate and impressionable; its growth must be carefully fostered and nurtured, perhaps over a long period of time, through many stages of development. But the goal is the ultimate fruition which we identify astrologically as the trine aspect--the "viewpoint" by which Power, Love, and Truth are apprehended in terms of internal equilibrium, beauty, capacity, affluence, and joy.

The exact semi-sextile aspect is thirty degrees; by orb, twenty-seven to thirty-three degrees. It is interesting to note that the cusps of the twelve houses are in sequences of thirty degrees as are the first degrees of each of the zodiacal signs. The semi-square aspect exact, forty-five degrees; by orb, forty-two to forty-eight degrees requires a little geocentric consideration.

As seen from the Earth, the semi-square is the largest of the valid aspects which can be made between Venus and Sun. The Sun, Moon, and all other planets can form the semi-square to each other. The sextile is the largest geocentric aspect possible between Mercury and Venus.