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There are few more pivotal periods of the year than the run up to the Aries Full Moon. Yet sudden changes in your own circumstances gives you little choice but to do exactly that. Being an often sensitive Cancerian, you carefully avoid making arrangements that would cause others anxiety. The solution? Discuss them frankly, and do a lot of listening. Those doubts will vanish, exchanged for optimism, if not hope.

At least explore these. Obviously, turning the plans currently being discussed into a solid decision would be a relief. Still, you know that any arrangement would be temporary. The irony is, while your initial reaction may be irritation, looking back on events your feelings will be far more upbeat. Bear this is mind when one particular individual does something as well-intended as it is unsettling. Including them. While, obviously, this is disillusioning, think about this. Their actions were a reflection of their own fears and not, as it probably seems, a betrayal of you.

That alone is worth celebrating. Watching alliances of various forms, from friendships or close emotional links or more worldly relationships come undone is no fun. Still, you could make excuses for keeping things going. You unwittingly ignored certain things that were important to one particular individual. While, clearly, they were upset, this can be repaired.

However, that means taking time to discuss, and remedy, the problem. Explain, once, then back off, at least for the moment. At the moment, the line between a lively discussion and an actual disagreement is unclear, enough your views could be misunderstood as aggressive if not thought of as a confrontation.

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Uranus is about breakthroughs. However, it also accents sudden and, often, seemingly unwelcome changes. Judging by the range of links between the other planets and Uranus, surprises are inevitable. Instead, adopt an uncharacteristically mysterious attitude. For now, back off. Wait for them to come to you.

Cancer Horoscope For Wednesday, October 9,

Bear this in mind. It will help you deal with certain individuals. One of your greatest talents is your knack for having a quick, yet thorough, discussion about even seriously complex issues. While this is a real gift, every once in a while conversations need to wander, in a way that leads to insights and discoveries. Take everything slowly.

Your December 2018 Horoscope Is Here & There's So Much To Celebrate

Even thinking about taking certain painstaking plans back to the drawing board is a horrifying idea. When you first sidestepped certain tricky issues, it was as much because of your own lack of clarity about them as any concerns about the reaction of others. But now, despite those unsure feelings, these need to be discussed. Make your objective exchanging ideas with others, not decision-making, and everything will go wonderfully.

Facing challenging situations is one thing. The real problem? The secret? Thank them, then sidestep the subject for as long as you can. Yet in certain areas of your life, especially those that involve who you spend time with, your thinking is surprisingly rigid. Long ago you decided who and what you enjoy and, as much, will avoid.

Taurus (April 20 - May 20)

Begin simply by making a point of meeting somebody new, and unfamiliar regularly. Bizarrely, however, you seem to have added more alliances, activities and commitments. Stop now, and review these. Be wary of seemingly innocent discussions. Others may insist this be discussed. Instead, be tactful but say the minimum. These dramas will pass as swiftly as they appeared. After having rather enjoyed the ups and downs of the past weeks, you now find yourself cornered by practical matters.

For now, go along with their demands. Long ago you learnt that wining an argument involves timing as much as the actual issue in question. So, bearing in mind the current Full Moon is triggering sensitive feelings in everybody, you may choose to sidestep these, if for now. At the moment, it may seem that the only way around persist issues with those closest is a confrontation.

The irony is, that may be true. Wait and see. It will happen.

That you really must relax. And then, having said that, you find a new, exciting, and absorbing plan or project. You may act more aggressive or assertive than you generally do and this is going to surprise the people around you. They will be put out of balance and will probably have to revise their opinions about you. This element of surprise can provide you with a much needed edge. Be sure to utilize this to the fullest extent. You are feeling irritable and rather ill used because of stomach problems.

But you need to realize that eating indiscriminately is the root of all your physical problems which is leading to this feeling of mental stress. You need to control your diet, but will probably find it very difficult to do so. Get in touch with a dieting buddy. Support of another person can better help you through this situation. You have become too used to dealing with your problems by yourself, but you will find that sharing them with your partner can be very helpful.

Mercury Retrograde is finally departing on December 6. Whether it was a wild ride for you or a pretty great one— what do you say? Thank u, next. Today, romantic Venus shines on the most sultry sector of your natal chart, turning up the heat in your romantic relationships for the rest of the year. Venus helps you work through trust issues and emotional intricacies that have surfaced.

The messenger planet resumes forward motion today, which means you can get back into actions with those visionary plans that were interrupted during the last month. Go big or go home! If you put your grand ideas out there, they could take flight in the coming six months. This communication planet will help you articulate your visions and find the right audience to share them with.

Home and family are in the spotlight. Your ruler joins articulate Mercury in your relationship corner. After these bumpy weeks, the mounting tension in a close relationship clears, helping you get back on the same page or move forward with a clear decision. You could meeting someone that might be the game changer in the coming weeks.

Cancer Weekly Horoscope from Monday 3rd to Sunday 9th December 2018

Keep your eyes and heart open. When the messenger planet shines on your intimate eighth house, your thoughts will take an intense turn. What needs change in your life? Mercury loosens your lips and helps you communicate your desires. When the love planet shines into your sixth house, your attention turns to the areas associated with wellness and service.

Couples may get inspired to do something more outdoorsy. You cold meet someone doing volunteer work or at the gym! You should have a much easier time getting organised and back on track with work or a fitness plan that was abandoned. This annual event activates your relationship house and can start writing for you a new chapter in your life or deepen an existing union. Communicator Mercury returns to your relationship corner for the rest of the year.

The only full moon n Cancer of brings all your efforts of the past six months to a culmination.

Cancer Horoscope

Venus grooves into your flirtatious fifth house, giving you irresistible magnetism and turning up the heat. There could be indoor fireworks but also a little but more drama. Time to exhale now. Those three weeks of bickering and nitpicking come to an end as Mercury goes direct. The last few days may have been especially eventful but finally the drama starts to die down and things finally settle. This inspirational lunar lift is perfect way to cap off the year and carry you into on a big high. Keep your standards high and exercise patience. Mental mercury lights up your detail oriented sixth house, sharpening your analytical abilities.

This may get crazy the next month so do the work now and back up important data.

source link The Cancer full moon caps the year off with a personal triumph or a moment of self-empowerment. Assert yourself, speak up, claim your place in the spotlight. Loving Venus joins expressive Mercury in your home and family zone. Single Leos could meet someone from the past, perhaps a childhood sweetheart?

Couples will bring up more serious topics and taking a more permanent step in their relationship. A super-sensitive three week period comes to an end and hopefully no one drew blood over a stupid misunderstanding. Look back to this date by the corresponding full moon in six months to track your progress.