ARIES (March 21 - April 20):

Here's to V-Day 2K19! With Mars in your sign the first half of the month, you're going to be feeling especially fiery, passionate, and controlling—but in a good way.

Aries love to be coupled up with someone, so this is definitely your favorite time of year. Though, with the changing moon cycles, Aries will have to submit to their partner more than they're used to, which could cause some tension.

February 14th Zodiac - Astrology Zodiac Signs

Mars is going to enter your sign, Taurus, which means you should absolutely go after what you want. Because you'll get it! On the flip side K bye! Now is the time, Gem, to change whatever path y0u're currently going down.

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Jupiter is giving you crazy good luck, and you can literally put that energy into your personal commitments. Single Cancers will be thirsty to connect with someone this week, and the way the planets are set up right now, things are moving in their favor. That's great and all, but you still have to actually go out there and make an effort, Cancer. Try to literally put yourself in the kind of place where you can meet the person you want.

Your Horoscope For Valentine's Day Weekend: Feb. 14-17, 12222

If you want to meet a wealthy, successful, attractive person, go where they hang out. Then, share that info with everyone else, please! As the sign who loves to be the center of attention, getting back with an ex is very on-brand this season. On a similar note, if you have a crush you want to finally connect with, do it up. Just, like, try not to wreck any other relationships in the process of getting what you want, mmkay? According to the stars and Venus, you should be indulging in what makes you feel good and forgetting the drama.

Everything is going to feel so effortless right now, Libra, thanks to that Big Jupiter Energy.

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  • Your Horoscope For Valentine's Day Weekend: Feb. , .
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  • Today's topic: your horoscope for February , With the Moon opposing adventurous Jupiter in Sagittarius by V-Day afternoon, love favors a curious, sociable, and happy-go-lucky approach. For those of us already with a bae, this weekend is the perfect time to rekindle the spark by going out together and trying something new. By Sunday afternoon, things could get a bit bumpy as the Moon in Cancer first squares off with unpredictable Uranus in Aries and then goes on to square off with stubborn Mars in Taurus after it moves into passionate Leo.

    Aries Monthly Horoscope

    The best way to manage this energy will be through the art of compromise from both parties. Read below to see what the stars mean for your sign this weekend, and be sure to check out your February horoscope.

    Aries Week of February 14th 2010 Horoscope

    If looking to meet someone new, a little tenderness and a lot of vulnerability goes a long way. Be open. Have faith. It's easy to put all your energy into work this weekend, but work can wait. If you have a partner, a date night or some quality time is needed. If single, know that you're at your most alluring when you're laughing and having fun, so try to cultivate some joy. You'll be hard to resist. Fun and adventure are on the menu for you this weekend when it comes to making a love match, so get out and explore.

    If you've got a bae, you can ramp the passion up by trying something new in and out of the bedroom.

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    Get gussied up and do what you do best: flirt. You could experience some frustration this weekend as it might seem like you're not getting the romantic attention that you crave.