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You may as well spend on the construction of a house or its renovation this year. You may gain through speculations, bonds and share market. You need to remember that all the investment should have a long-term basis. There may be a loss if you go for short term investments. You may put your money in religious deeds during the middle of the year.

There are chances of long distance journeys with your family during this time as well. In the month of November and December, you will enjoy a good economic state. There is going to be a continuous inflow of money this year.

Virgo – Compatibility in Love and Marriage

The year looks auspicious for your money matters. An unhealthy body can't be home to a happy mind. Keep yourself agile both physically and mentally if you wish to achieve your goals.

Virgo Woman with other Zodiac Signs

During this year, in the month of January, your health may decline due to the affliction of your Lagna Lord. During the third, fourth and fifth month i. March-May, you need to take care of your spouse as well as your children. The indications for their health are not good. During the initial months of the year, you must pay attention to your health. The rest of the year is good for health matters.

Your interest in Yoga and meditation may save you from a lot of health issues, keep exercising.

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There is no sign of any major illness this year. The year seems to be excellent for your health. This year, Virgo people may expect good results in career and related fields. Rahu will remain in your 10th house apparently throughout the year. It would be auspicious for your career perspective. You may switch your job and bag a hike in your current salary. You will also receive name and fame throughout the year.

After September, there are chances to travel abroad for business purpose. During March-May, you are likely to get desired results.

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  6. You may achieve some authoritative position during this period. Support and assistance from your seniors and authorities is ensured. Your tenth lord Mercury will transit in different signs and houses during this period.

    However, it would not impact you much while transiting in any sign or house. Your luck will favour you almost throughout the year. Your eleventh house would always be aspected by the planet Saturn, which would benefit you this year. You will grow slowly at your career front. If you have your own business, it will grow. You will yourself become a better professional while you strive to expand your business. You may even start a new business venture.

    It will be an auspicious year for the same. You may expect gains and good revenue from your business after March The year is going to be excellent for you as far as career matters are concerned. Also Read: Profession through Astrology. According to Virgo astrology predictions, students of Virgo sign will get good results.

    This year is excellent for competitive exams. Especially in the months of March-May, you will get the desired results. Your luck will be in your favour throughout the year. For instance, if you have been thinking of proposing the woman you love, this is the right time to make the move as you will enjoy the support of Mars and Venus. Your love life is going to be full of surprises this year so be ready to experience things that you are expecting. These surprises will keep you on your toes and will add more excitement and fun to your love life making it a delightful relationship which you will enjoy.

    Virgo yearly horoscope for married couples suggests that you will be blessed with harmonious and happy relationship with your spouse. You will enjoy a wonderful time with your partner. You will also have complete support and help of your spouse in whatever you will do which will impart you great strength to move ahead in your career.

    Virgo 12222 Marriage Horoscope: The Perfect Person Is Around The Corner

    Your marriage horoscope depicts any pending decisions to clear and matters to proceed smoothly. Problems in love relations or marital life will disappear now. Relatives and friends would be in favor of this proposal, yet think carefully, and then decide.

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    There is a good possibility that you will choose your partner now and proceed to tie the knot. You can introduce your love interest to your parents now and expect a positive response. Matters will work in your favor.

    Virgo Marriage Horoscope 12222: Be Gentle, Loving And Calm With Your Partner

    Lovers, singles and married couples — everyone seems to have a romantic time in A few problems are possible along the way, yet most of the year brings positive news for your love life, Virgo. Remain patient and proceed with confidence. Chances of marriage are very strong this year. Plan accordingly and rejoice! The wedding bells await you. Ved Shastra. Home The Secrets of Horoscope Unlocked!

    Virgo Marriage Horoscope Virgo Marriage Horoscope Planets Affecting your Horoscope Virgo, brings positive signs for your love life and marriage. Virgo — How tp Make the Most of Rhis Year Virgo, you should avoid getting angry during fights with your partner and sort matters of love with care and diplomacy. Marriage or love relations need careful handling and nurturing. Taking the first step towards reconciliation after a fight will not make you a smaller person.

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    Virgo Love Horoscope | Virgo Yearly Relationship Predictions

    Adjustments are needed for a successful marriage, and Virgo, you should keep your ego aside after a fight to resolve matters peacefully. Married couples, you should plan gifts and surprises for your partner. This helps in making your relationship stronger. If dating someone, arrange a meeting with your parents and give them a chance to test your choice.