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For this purpose I consulted and a neutral and reliable source, the Wikipedia page on Iran Persia and the other pages on history and politics of Iran. This is the people who issued the first declaration of human rights around BC.

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Throughout the time, Persian philosophers, scientists, engineers and historians contributed enormously to technology, science and medicine. For instance I didn't know that Avicenna, a great medieval physician whose work had a direct impact on the development of medicine in the Renaissance was Persian.

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Just point out something that many people might from the Wetern world not know, the Persians Iranians are not Arabs, they are totally distinct people. Reading attentively the text, I learn that the current Shi'a Islamic Iranian state was established in , following a period of flowering of this state.

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Later this state managed to maintain its sovereignty and was never colonized by the Imperial Russia and the British Empire, making it unique in the region. While reading the article I was amazed to find out that although Iraq used chemical weapons against Iran, causing tens of thousands of civilian and military causalities, Iran didn't reciprocate although it also possessed such weapons. As for the correct natal horoscope for Iran, I believe that it should be set for May when Ismail I was proclaimed Shah of Azerbaidjan and later of entire Iran.

I couldn't find the exact date of the proclamation.

From what I've read, it seems that May represents the beginning of the modern state of Shi'a Islamic Republic of Iran. Boards' structure and all posts are property of AstrologyWeekly.

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    Their strength and exaltation will remain as long as there be degrees of exaltation of Venus, that is eleven degrees approximately of the sign of Pisces. Their duration will be years. Abu Masar Arab astrologer in his Kitab al-Qiranat. Then Venus, which is the planet of the Arabs, will begin to ascend, until it reach its exaltation.