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This aspect of your birth chart focuses less on your broad personality and more on how you show love and how you prefer to receive it. That means how your Venus signs interact might actually matter more than how your sun signs interact. The best part? In fact, you prefer pursuing people, not the other way around. To you, comfort and stability are much more important than your emotional and spiritual needs, which may make your partner feel a if something is missing from your companionship.

After all, it can be quite easy for you to forget the nuances of romantic relationships. You want someone strong and committed, but also someone who can pay the bills and take care of you financially. For you, love and domesticity goes hand-in-hand. However, you tend to side-step confrontations with your lover and would prefer to bury something under the rug than get to the root of a problem if you think it might cause conflict, but the problem is you never forget — you might bottle up all your feelings for years before you finally air your grievances, which could come as a great surprise to your significant other.

You need someone who can express their love and affection in a gentle way. Much like their sun sign counterparts, people with a Leo in Venus is loud and proud about who they choose to love. Because of this, you might hold onto a relationship a little longer than you should, which can lead to a lot of ups and downs.

Love with you is certainly dramatic, to say the least. You tend to be attracted to charisma and power, as well as people with more flamboyant and larger-than-life personalities. Still, you tend to be reserved and slow to open up, which may come across as unwilling to some. Relationships are a huge part of your world. In fact, you can grow rather obsessive about love, and you want all of your partner, not just pieces of them. You work best with someone who can go along with your last-minute plans and who can be fun, spontaneous, and unrestrained. These feelings may become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Allow yourself to open up to others and forget past hurt. Look your problems right in the eye and deal with them; it is the one path to conquering them.

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When faced with much difficulty you can become very pessimistic and down on your luck. Acting responsibly is important though life has put these challenges in place for you to grow in strength and wisdom. You are more likely than others to comprehend that there is more to life than being happy. However, this does not require that you must live in misery. Your loneliness stems from your unwillingness to accept that people do truly care for you.

Again, it is likely your own insecurities colouring reality for you. If you want to draw love towards you, then you must first act in a caring fashion. You are guarded about sharing your interests with others because you are fearful that they will reject you. In your relationships you may be mildly envious or try to possess your partner, as you tend to be so afraid of losing what is yours that you cling to it. However, this tendency only works to distance your partner from you as they feel trapped, creating the exact thing that you were worried about.

No amount of force can keep someone that does not wish to be kept. Feelings of love should be allowed to be expressed freely, without control being placed on them. Try to keep in mind that the challenges you are facing in life are only there to aid in your growth. A luxurious, stylish, relaxing environment is essential to you and you refuse to do any manual labour. Your charismatic, pleasant, polite demeanour is perfect for hosting company.

Good karma from a past life assures you luck with your finances and acquiring assets. There is an inclination towards indulging yourself extravagantly and behaving in a lazy manner; try to curb these habits. At times, life fulfils your needs and desires with so little effort on your part that you may not value what you are given.

With regards to your health, you are susceptible to putting on weight due to your liking of tasty food and drink. You are a tender-hearted, out-going, friendly type who avoids conflict and enjoys exploring beautiful, distance lands.

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It would be most beneficial for you to learn to appreciate what you have and to stick things out even when they are difficult sometimes. Let your intuition guide you in assisting others. Competing with others is enjoyable for you and you tend to win using your confidence and intuition. Your strong will has allowed you to learn self-discipline, creating a force that permits you to rise to truly powerful positions.

Your physical health is amazing as you heal easily and have endless amounts of energy. However, it is important that you are able to keep active physically or this immense energy of yours will turn destructive. Every effort is made on your part to achieve success in an honourable fashion. You are likely to be a good leader and have a talent for administrating.

Hard-working, courageous, and assertive, you gain the admiration of others and will champion for them if they are being unjustly treated. This placement helps to balance your feelings even when circumstances are difficult. Others may be frantic during these times, yet you remain calm and collected.

You are reasonable and unbiased during stressful situations which help you to solve the underlying issue amidst emotional chaos. This placement allows you to concentrate more effectively. You do not skirt your duties and people know they can rely on you to do what you have committed to doing.

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You are loyal to those in your circle and to the people you feel close to, supporting them behind the scenes. You dislike being idle and enjoy watching the fruit of your labour. Mentally you tend to stick to the conservative route, letting tradition guide you. Frivolous thoughts for the sake of fun are not really your cup of tea; you take a more sombre approach. However, you are not always able to show your feelings towards those you care for.

Aries + Taurus

It would be beneficial if you could develop a more open manner and convey these inner emotions outwardly to them somehow. You are independent and methodical, as well as having a good ability to organise, handle money and business, and behave diplomatically when interacting with people.

You are very patient and willing to persevere until you have reached your goal. You are ethical, dutiful, faithful, and fair. The old-fashioned way of doing things is not for you and you will not pay old traditions any mind when you are making your decisions. Searching for new experiences, you are always ready and willing to go off on a random adventure. You enjoy keeping up to date with all of the newest technology and often are the first to have the latest gadgets and gizmos.

You are very independent and need a great deal of space to venture forward into the world. Progressive and innovative, you strive for change and reform of some sort. You think outside the box and can be madly brilliant with finding creative answers to whatever problem you are presented with. Artistic and highly intuitive, you must find an outlet to express these gifts.

You are able to remove yourself from the lower impulses of human nature and call on your more enlightened self for guidance and purpose. Many times situations sort of just happen to you, spontaneously and seemingly at random; you can never quite know what to expect in your life.

Some unseen force seems to be protecting you as you can get big breaks just when you felt time were running out. They behave as actors in a production. What is happening on stage? The signs in astrology are the way that the actors behave on stage. How are they living their life, in their highest good or in their shadow? The signs describe in detail how the actor might react, behave or conduct themselves. Aries are assertive, brave, excitable, self-sufficient, inspiring, innovative, strong-willed, spontaneous, hasty, egotistical, overly focused on themselves, and often lacking in patience learn about compatibility with Aries here.

They have a talent in managing others and establishing, coordinating, and controlling endeavours. However, though they will be the first to start on a project, they are often the first to leave it as well. Arians must be mindful not to rush ahead before thinking things through thoroughly. They can achieve incredible feats if only they can learn to channel their energies constructively.

An Aries will be innately energetic and excited to engage in action and contest, which can be motivating to others. They are brave and never lacking in interesting new concepts to establish. Vitality is one of their greatest strengths. They need to allow others an opportunity to shine as well, rather than insisting that they themselves do it all.

Learning to collaborate can create many opportunities for Aries, as this may counter their difficulty in seeing their assignments through to the end. Developing patience during moments where their interest in a project wavers can be crucial to their success. Arians have a direct, no-nonsense approach. They will clearly state exactly what they are thinking and feeling, leaving nothing to be assumed or misconstrued. Arians may have a quick temper, but once they have expressed the inner rage, they will tend to forgive and forget.

They prefer to say things straight out than to keep them inside, though at times the initial blast of their emotions is violently intense. Let them blow up and brace yourself during the explosion, it will not last long. An Aries will always pursue what they desire, though at times they will lose interest in the object they were pursuing once they have acquired it. Regardless, Arians will be taking the lead in their romantic endeavours. They are prone to head pain due to internal pressure and friction. Arians must mind their temper, build their tolerance, cultivate a way to save their strength, and learn to finish what they start; waiting is a natural part of project development, and they will be unsuccessful without it accepting this fact.

You quickly pick up on the vibes and energy of those around you, absorbing either positive or negative emotions. This may be the reason your emotions fluctuate wildly and why you may be cheerful and happy one moment, and grumpy and brooding the next. It is imperative that you develop a way to either discipline these fluctuations or find a positive outlet for them. You feel a great desire to care for others.

At times your emotions or thoughts may seem illogical to those around you due to your inability to articulate them rationally. Those closest to you must be understanding of your many moods and of your need to isolate yourself on occasion. You easily empathise with others and often know what they are feeling without them needing to say it outright.

Any offense will be taken to heart and while you may let the person off the hook, you will always remember what has transpired. Feeling safe and secure is a necessity to you, particularly in your home environment and with those closest to you. It would be beneficial for you to trust your gut instincts as they are usually accurate; you may even have premonitions. When something is important to you, you are likely to hold tightly to it. Your maternal parental figure has probably had a significant impact on your life and this impact may continue through your entire life.

You prefer keeping out of the limelight but will certainly stand up for the people you care for. The tendency towards sentimentality may be a problem as you dislike throwing anything away; each object has a memory attached to it that you do not wish to let go of. Try to remember that what has passed will always stay in your heart regardless of the possessions you keep. The way you process, receive, and convey information tends to incorporate creativity, compassion, sensitivity, diplomacy, and idealism, while displaying prophetic tendencies.

However, when afflicted you may become an overly-emotional, day-dreaming procrastinator who sluggishly goes about life half-sound. Motivating yourself to do something perceived as difficult can be met with formidable subconscious resistance and you may find yourself somehow distracted, skirting your responsibilities, and unable to organise yourself.

Artistic ventures are more apt to ignite your passions than technical endeavours. You may turn your nose up at traditional methods of education yet find yourself almost absorbing information from thin air when you are truly fascinated by a topic. The energies that you encounter in your environment have an immense influence on you and therefore you must be mindful of the situations you surround yourself with.

Occasional seclusion from the world is necessary for you to replenish your inner balance and serenity. However, do not cut yourself off to such a degree that you become obsessed about your own short comings, as you can tend to wallow in despair if left alone for too long. You may find that you heal better through alternative methods such as visual aids or massage therapy. Creative or artistic subjects will usually hold your attention, especially those involving the written word, acting, or music as you can be quite imaginative.

It may be easier for you to convey your thoughts in creative ways rather than articulating yourself verbally; you are a bit scatter-brained and your speech may jump around, making you seem less intelligent than you really are. You are more likely to be guided by your intuition than being forced to accommodate concrete conclusions based on hard data. Often you understand how others are feeling prior to them understanding it themselves.

Aries and Taurus: Compatibility in Love, Sex and Life

You may at times become so lost in your own internal world that you are blind to the physical state of things going on around you. For you, nothing is impossible and you have a fantastic way of keeping your mind open to possibilities. Non-physical realms exist to you the same way that the physical realm does and your initial inklings about others are unusually spot-on. This gut intuition of yours does not seem to require hard data to be accurate; you just get a sense of things and people. Your thoughts may go down many unexpected roads which affect you a great deal; therefore it would be most beneficial for you to focus on staying positive mentally.

Social gatherings with your wide circle of interesting connections are immensely enjoyable to you and you are openly affectionate, though possibly in an unusual and rather removed fashion. There is a tendency towards being more content with a strictly platonic relationship than with something romantic, as you hold friendship in such high regard. Either way, you certainly would not abide by any sort of involvement that would limit your freedom in any way; you need to have your space to do what you please with anyone you want.

You require mental stimulation and rapport from a partner, often in replacement of a more personal, emotional bond. If you do decide to make things romantic, it is imperative to you that your partner allows you as much space to be true to yourself and engage in your various endeavours as possible, or you will likely rebel instead. You are charismatic, cheerful, and unique as well as easy going, cool, and a bit removed. Being removed can be advantageous to you as this allows you to keep from jealous and domineering with others.

Your emotions are instead sifted through your brain logically and objectively first. It may be essential for you to develop more empathy and compassion with others. You hold a large amount of both mental and physical energy. Always on the go, buzzing from one place to another, engaged in your many interests, sometimes you are involved in more than one activity at the same moment!

With your lively mentality and curiosity, you require a large amount of stimulation to keep you from getting bored. You seek out new data and love to learn about anything you can get your hands on. It is also of great fun to you to engage yourself in challenging, competitive conversations with others where you can show off your wit and intelligence. You may find yourself suffering from nervous tensions due to your overly active mind, and it would be beneficial for you to establish some sort of exercise routine to relieve the pressure.

You are likely to be animated and expressive, often communicating using your hands. You probably enjoy working with the hands somehow and it is possible that you do not have a dominant hand preference. At times you can become so excited about an opportunity that you will venture forward without thinking things through; try to slow down long enough to obtain a clear picture of the situation before entering into it.

You dislike standing still and may engage yourself in activities that are not necessarily wholesome or beneficial, just for the thrill of having something to do. Exploring distant lands and cultures is enjoyable to you as you can acquire knowledge from each new situation. There is a tendency towards being prone to accidents involving your arms or shoulders, particularly accidents involving excessive heat. Many times these misfortunes could have been prevented had you been more patient rather than rushing to get things done. It would be best for you to stick to shorter assignments as you work well for brief, intense amounts of time but encounter difficulty if you must sustain your energy and interest for extended periods.

Often you will try to multitask, though end up taking on more than you can realistically complete. You dislike routine and require diversity in your projects and in your life in general. You are mentally quick and bright and are interested in playing games or somehow testing your mental agility. Mental competition with others tickles your fancy and you have more stamina for mental activities than you do for the physical sort. On your journey to success, you prefer to utilise your excellent social skills, intellect, quick-wit, astute observations, and ability to articulate yourself. You have a robust sense of humour that tends towards the dark side.

Try to pace yourself as you may throw yourself into things with full concentration, only to find you cannot sustain the energy and are unable to continue; working a bit more slowly and steadily will allow you to better keep your word. You are cunning, quick-witted, and jovial.

Experiencing other cultures and new places appeals to you as you are able to learn much from these endeavours. You may have a gift for learning to communicate in a different language. However, internally you possess an anxious tension that you try to counter by nervous banter, communicating excessively, or making commitments that you are unable to follow through on.

Working in literature may appeal to you. You are innovative and able to comprehend abstract concepts, as well as enjoy applying your mind to mathematical subjects. You seek out situations that will challenge you and alter your perception or help you grow in knowledge or wisdom. Justice or religious practices may also draw your attention. You are diligent in accomplishing the things you set out to do.

Material items may be excessively important to you and you are likely to cautiously set aside more of your funds than you need to. The weight given to these assets is for your own peace of mind, however it may end up that you suffer much anxiety by stressing over possible negative outcomes affecting your security in the future.

https://desttilragaconc.gq It would be best for you to take some time to think about the things that are truly important to you, rather than living in fear of what tomorrow may bring. You tend to be a hard worker who possesses a great deal of tolerance when things may be going slower than you would like them to. Deep down you are a rather serious individual who is very steady with their emotions, keeping them well under wraps.

It may be difficult for you to let certain things go, and you may carry these disturbed feelings for a long time. Being able to trust someone is extremely significant for you. You also have a strong desire to construct something worthwhile. The Houses in astrology are the stage. In the home, in health, in the career or in the marriage, to name a few. The Houses tell the story of where the action is happening, what type of people are involved and what sort of environment it is.

It is important for you to demonstrate your artistic abilities to others, whether this is done beneficially or disharmoniously. You hold a wide variety of interests and look to express your creative abilities in all of them as you find much personal happiness through these endeavours. Although you find your life to be pleasant and are appreciated by others for being a joy to be around, you much be mindful not to become domineering or careless in your activities. Try to be mindful of your tendency to become envious or possessive. There is an opportunity to experience premonitions due your strong intuition and heightened emotional energy.

Your partnerships, whether they be romantic or business, are likely to provide monetary gain. Death or sexuality may be an obsession for you. It is probable that you will choose a career that involves psychology, analysis, gathering of information, detective work, the unknown, or regeneration of some sort. You spend a great deal of your time at home absorbing various types of knowledge.

With a wide variety of interests, learning about them gives you a sense of security. Highly charged with nervous energy, it is necessary that you find ways to unwind and sooth your mind. There may even be a cosy corner in your home where you enjoy conversing with guests. It is likely that you experience inner tension until you to find a place where you belong, causing you to engage in frequent changes of living quarters.

You are well able to articulate your creativity in both the written and spoken word. You tend to keep your immediate environment rather copacetic as you have distaste for conflict. Preferring to keep your surroundings harmonious, you can be evasive when confrontations are expected. Because of your amicable, pleasant nature, most will find it easy to be in your company. Being comfortable and tension-free is important to your well-being.

Self-sufficient, you are often stubborn in your desire to have things done the way you want them done. It is important that you learn how to negotiate in a harmonious fashion, as you can seem abrasive to others. Try to better collaborate in your interactions. Partnerships stimulate and invigorate your energy and drive. This person may be competitive, aggressive, or combative as you enjoy someone who will dare you to defy your limitations. The competitive vibe between your partner and yourself runs high; it would be best for you to direct this energy into positive outlets or the high voltage may destroy you or your partnership.

There is a tendency to poke and prod others as a way to test their reactions. You enjoy a friendly opposition or contest with another. The thrill of pursuing something often intrigues and stimulates you more than what you achieve in the end. What you desire most is to engage in combat with your partner, who wins the battle is of no consequence to you. The person you marry will need to be feisty, optimistic, energetic, adept, brave, and bold. The partner may be some sort of victor or defender of the people. If Mars is negatively aspected, you are likely to make a rash decision in regards to your marriage union, rushing in head first without reservations, only to regret your actions.

To best succeed in your marriage partnership, it is essential that you practice using harmonious, diplomatic means when striving towards an objective, rather than using excessive force, aggressive tactics, and one-upmanship as you are prone to do. Marriage or romantic partnerships are likely to bring you prosperity or help you in some way.

You seek a partner who will open your mind to possibilities and inspire personal growth. They may be rather philosophical and broaden your knowledge in this subject, or possibly in religion or spiritual matters. It is likely that you have an inherent need to expand your mind or become a more moral, conscientious individual and you are drawn to a partner that will help you on your journey to do so.

The person you choose is likely to be successful professionally. If Jupiter is negatively aspected in your chart, this partner may not be morally sound and can be careless, selfish, unmotivated, narrow-minded, excessive, and deceitful. You have a talent for inspiring others to be giving and helpful to you, though in order to succeed in your partnerships, you must curb any inclinations towards dishonestly prideful behaviour and over-indulgence.

You are often drawn to a more mature partner, someone who takes life seriously. Your relationships require you to be dutiful and put in a good deal of work to keep them. There is some sort of repressive element present in your partnerships, as you may have unresolved karma from your past. Your perseverance tends to pay off as your relationships usually go the distance. This placement warrants you to enhance your consideration and compassion in relationships.

Though you are likely to be tentative to enter into a commitment, once you do so, you may find yourself unable to leave it regardless if the circumstances are positive or negative. Love is important to you but you are more inclined to marry for security. Your partnerships force you to learn to monitor and control yourself.


Spontaneity is difficult for you in regards to relationships, as you find yourself taking relationships rather seriously and decisively. You want a partner that will further inspire you to become more responsible and driven to achieve your goals. There may be a preoccupation with the male parental figure in your life if you are a woman, and this will play into your choice of partner as they may take to organising your life for you.

Often afraid of the weight that a marriage can put upon your shoulders, you may prolong entering into the union. If Saturn in your chart is positively aspected, you are likely to find a partner that is loyal, honourable, stable, motivated, dependable, determined, and reasonable, though perhaps not very verbally affectionate as they may believe actions speak louder than words. However, if Saturn is negatively aspected, there is a likelihood of suffering through discontentment in your marriage.

Whatever mistreatment you inflict upon your partner, will equally affect your happiness. This placement also denotes a tendency towards getting married more than once, often withstanding through discontentment or an absence of love the second time around. There is a possibility that you preferred a different partner but decided to settle. The person you stay with may be rather reserved in affection, may be hyper-critical, close-minded, and withdraw from communication with you.

They may also be a heavy weight on your shoulders or perhaps they are a good mate but often suffer from trouble with their health. Another possibility is marrying someone who lost their previous spouse in death. A traditional partner is not for you, as you prefer someone a bit more eccentric and unusual. Neither you nor your romantic partners want to walk on the same path as the general public, but rather create your own. It is likely that you or your partner enjoy surprising others with your unconventional preferences.

Personal independence is an important factor in your relationship, and commitments may feel unnecessary to you. You may even seek out partners who are unavailable as these romantic involvements promise no commitment from the start. Due to the unconventional nature characteristic to most of your relationships, your partnerships may baffle both yourself and others.

Unique yet fascinating people tend to surround you. It is unwise for you or your partner to attempt to dominate one another, as this will only cause problems. Try to find a balance between your independence and the time you and your partner spend with one another; you may both require much space for a relationship to work. Easily feeling trapped by any restrictions stemming from your partnership, you must be given a great deal of room to grow.

Long-distance relationships may appeal to you, as this sort of partnership has a more relaxed feel to it and you may continue to live your life as you please. Mental stimulation is an important quality that you desire from your partner, as you like a challenge. You also prefer that information is readily exchanged between you and your partner. You are most interested in an original individual who can be artistic, sociable, and not afraid to go against the crowd. An intelligent, eccentric wild child with a great deal of charm may be just your ticket. It may be easier for you to engage in platonic relationships than something as involved as marriage, though when you do decide to settle down, you expect an idealistic partnership where you and your significant other are good friends.

In fact, friendship is probably how you found your mate. However, this placement denotes an inclination towards frivolous affairs that provide a short-lived thrill but will cause conflict with your significant other. One of the greatest challenges in your partnerships happens when personal growth occurs at a greater pace in one partner than in the other. This growth may be so extreme that the person that entered the marriage originally no longer exists. You have high ideals and are concerned with the well-being of all people.

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You possess a strong intuition as far as your hopes and desires are concerned, however this placement may create challenges for you in regards to which path to take to attain your objectives. Fantasising will not help things, as hard-work will be needed to achieve them. You tend to be drawn to contacts that are quirky oddballs, often artistic or musically inclined in some way, though they may not always be dependable or honest.

Keep an eye out for those that are not who you may believe they are; these connections may try to drag you into substance abuse so be sure to keep your wits about you. Your wishes can be attained if you can achieve decisive clarity for your aspirations and keep your feet on the ground. Your intuition is very strong, often psychic. You may even feel as though you visit other realms while you are sleeping.

Having a strong interest in how and why things work the way they do, you are likely to be drawn to religious studies and philosophical topics. Very independent in your own beliefs, you may need to be careful not to brush off the beliefs of others as this would be unfavourable to you in the long run. Do not become obsessed with your own ideas but rather try to accept other points of view.

You have an intense drive to get to the truth, desiring a deep understanding of everything you come across. You may go through a type of rebirth or regeneration through your dreams, spiritual or philosophical experiences, or travels. You may study too hard and cause yourself mental stress; try to pace yourself. In addition, be open-minded to listening to others rather than insisting that you are correct.

The Sabian Symbols are a set of symbolic declarations that correspond with each of the degrees of the astrological zodiac chart wheel, starting at Aries degree number 1 and finishing with Pisces degree number In modern times, they are commonly used by astrologers in order to deeply understand the significance of planets that are occupying a particular degree of the zodiac. Sabian Symbol: Golden wings on a white triangle.